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Cartagena de Indias - Paseo en Coche
Cartagena de Indias - Paseo en Coche
Cartagena de Indias - Paseo en Coche

Cartagena de Indias - Paseo en Coche


The tradition of taking a carriage ride dates back to colonial times when the lords and the social highlight used this type of luxury transportation. These carriages known with different names around the world; chariot, coach, gig, in Cartagena simply evolved to the demands of the tourists and became an asset for the city, creating a sense of belonging and inspiring great composers which in odes of joy sang to the city of Cartagena while traveling on a carriage through its colonial streets. The now famous artist Jesus David Quintana captured in his lyric verses the essence of the feeling a carriage ride through Cartagena gives, when he says a Cambaculero (from Chambacú) coachman will take us among balconies, streets and colonial corners of your life, right here in the enchanted city where under the dim light of an ancestral lantern, the love kiss in a carriage ride leads to happiness, and joy seizes your soul when a Cartagenero cries out “hooray for the bride and groom” and the joy of being in Cartagena.

The carriages in Cartagena began providing tourist services at the begining of the twentieth century when cars entered the walled area, loosing the colonial environment and romanticism that characterizes it, but one day a tourist rented a carriage owned by Juan Rios Vásquez (pioneer of the carriage ride) that had been given to him by Soledad Román, wife of the president Rafael Nuñez, and toured with infinite pleasure the colonial environment listening to the coachman's stories about the old city. This is how the carriage was requested each day more for sightseeing, promoting this services to grow and the organization of this guild. Today the coachmen are highly trained so that the tourists and natives who use this means of transportation know not only the architectural landscape of the city but also the history of Cartagena, to listen to it riding a carriage seems like a mythic tale, and if you don't belive it, come and we will tell.

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Cartagena de Indias - Colombia


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